Brief History of Silver Falls Family Dental Care

Silver Falls Family Dental Care, PC was officially organized and recognized as a professional corporate entity by the State of Oregon in December of 2008.  The office opened its doors for business that same month starting with two work days per week.  Through those first few months business was pretty good, but was never quite enough to cover the operating expenses.   Due to several factors including a significant economic recession which caused the local banks to be very reluctant to disburse any new loans, the office was just about to close its doors and call it quits.

Heppler to the rescue

But then a “knight in shining armor” by the name of Lance Heppler, DMD came to the rescue!  Hearing of the unfortunate circumstances, Dr. Heppler came in with a win-win plan to purchase the practice as an investment, help it grow and become prosperous, then eventually sell it back to Dr. Pyper (for a tidy profit, of course!)  Dr. Heppler purchased the practice and building in October 2009 and put his plan into play.  He made a couple of course corrections by providing some outside perspective and training.  Change was relatively slow in coming, but eventually these changes made a significant difference in the still fledgling dental office.

Dr. Pyper Takes Over

Dr. Pyper continued to be the main dentist of the office, but now as an associate instead of the owner.  During this time, Dr. Heppler made himself available, offering mentorship and advice relating to dentistry while completely taking the reins of the business side of the practice.  Under Dr. Heppler’s careful watch, the practice slowly, but very steadily grew and grew.  Dr. Pyper’s confidence and efficiency also continued to grow and improve.  Of course, there were a few minor setbacks, as every business experiences.  And neither Dr. Heppler nor Dr. Pyper anticipated correctly just how long it would take for the practice to grow sufficiently, but finally, after six years, Dr. Pyper successfully reacquired the practice.  He officially took over the ownership of the office in January of 2016 and he has not looked back!

Today, Dr. Pyper is the sole owner and operator of Silver Falls Family Dental Care, PC.  And with the considerable help of his staff and a couple of outside consultants, he looks forward to a long and prosperous future of dental practice, continuing to serve the residents of the Silverton community and surrounding area.

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